Work Environment

    Before starting the installation process, you need to plan well the environment in which Xen Backup interacts. Please follow the recommendations we offer to a successful outcome.

    Neo recommends installing a dedicated physical (not virtual) computer other than the host server ...

Installation Requirements

    For proper operation of Xen Backup certain minimum requirements must be met in each of the following elements: the computer with Xen Backup installed, XenServer (host) and virtual machines running on the host...

Installing Xen Backup

    This section has a video showing how to perform the installation of Xen Backup. In order to do this, you simply have to run the Install Xen Backup.exe file and follow the steps to completion.

The installation runs in interactive mode...

Getting Started with Xen Backup

    This video presents the possibilities offered by Xen Backup. Firstly it shows how to create a task backup schedule. It also deals with the different ways Primer inicio of copying, such as turning off the server after backup is completed and turn it back on when needed.
In addition, a coloured schedule with a chart showing the backup results and the amount of copied data is displayed.
Finally, it is described how to retrieve documents by setting up a backup as a local drive without restoring the entire virtual machine.


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