What is Xen Backup?

    Xen Backup is an application to make backups of the configuration as well as of the virtual machines in the virtual platform for Citrix XenServer.

    This solution is adressed to SMEs. It is a very intuitive and practical software that makes the best out of XenServer.

    Thanks to its low cost, Xen Backup allows you to continue with the saving strategy that comes with virtualization.

  Forget about scripts and incomprehensible logs.
  Invest your time in more productive tasks ....

Why use Xen Backup?

  • Xen Backup is very intuitive , user-friendly and practical.
  • It saves energy. Xen Backup will turn off the XenServer once the copies have been made and switch it back on at a specified time.
  • With a single license you can protect all of your virtual machines in your XenServer Pool.
  • No installation of any agent or software in your virtual machines is required.
  • It copies your virtual machines without service stop.
  • It supports Volume Shadow copy Service (VSS).
  • At a quick glance you can see the results of the backup tasks in a month.
  • It shows the growth of your backup data.
  • It retrieves documents or files without having to restore the full backup.
  • It informs administrators of the results by email.

Standard and Live versions

    Xen Backup is available in two versions: Standard and Live. With the Standard version of Xen Backup your virtual machine will remain off during the whole copying process. By contrast with the Live version it can be copied without stopping service and it will remain on at all times and operate normally.

A walk through Xen Backup

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