Who are we?

Neo Proyectos Informaticos

    Founded in Barcelona in 2001, Neo Proyectos Informaticos is a ICT company formed by a qualified team with extensive experience in the sector. From the outset, our goal is to provide professional service by offering solutions and value-added products. We stand out for helping our customers find the most suitable and easy solution to their problems with a minimum investment.

Neo Proyectos Informaticos

Av. Santa Coloma, 13-15, Bajos 8º
Apartado de correos nº 1
08690 Santa Coloma de Cervello
Barcelona, Spain
Tel.: (34) 936 450 614
Fax.: (34) 936 340 520
Email: xenbackup@xenbackup.es

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For technical support available at our forum, contact us by email soporte@xenbackup.es or by telephone
(34) 936 450 614.

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